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Perhaps every youth needs an occasional wilderness trip, in order to learn the meaning of this particular freedom…

July 6, 2013

Last weekend I spent two nights at State Bridge, a tiny music venue nestled along the Colorado River in a “town” labeled Bond. The town is the venue, essentially, and the campsites that surround it. It lies roughly 15 miles from any cell phone reception, and attracts music-and-nature lovers from all over.

The music was Dark Star Orchestra, the band carrying on the touring and musical legacy of the Grateful Dead. We pitched a campsite high up on the hillside, among the pinon pines that fill the area and overlooking the small valley defined by the river.

The music was beautiful; they repeated the setlist of a show from September 16, 1972 at Boston Music Hall. When they played Brokedown Palace, tears filled my full-mooned eyes and the deep, ripping feeling of parting with a loved one reminded me that I need to love and appreciate those who are in my life in the present, because sometimes, many times, things don’t last forever. Lovers come and go but the river flows on.

As the setlist moved forward, songs such as Ramble On Rose made me dance and smile, twirling around so my tie-died skirt flew around me, appreciating the happiness and beauty of such moments.

Perhaps some things don’t last forever, but sometimes simple moments are engrained into infinity. Moments that are meant to happen. It’s all part of the currents of life.

After the show, we stayed awake at the campsite until sunrise, dancing to music our campsite neighbors were playing, walking around by the guidance of only the moonlight and summer constellations that made their paths across the night sky, tending to our glowstick fire we created (they can’t ban a glowstick fire!).

There’s something magical about watching the sun rise after a sleepless night. Fatigue hit me as I sat in my camp chair in the wee hours of the morning, witnessing the early morning light spill down the western mountainside, over the river, and slowly make its way to us.  It’s a special kind of freedom, a particular freedom that exists only in nature – a natural right of all whom reside on the planet; it comes only through being in what existed before you, and will exist long after you are gone.

Thank you for the advice, Aldo Leopold.

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  1. July 6, 2013 4:51 pm

    I’m always so startled by partying until sunrise. Sounds like an awesome trip, and I will definitely have to try out that glowstick fire.

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